Wishing Well VS Online Registry

Wishing Well VS Online Registry

In today’s world, most couples live together before they get married. Living together means they have most likely established a household by the time the big day arrives. For this reason, a lot of couples are going with an ‘online wishing well’ registry rather than asking for traditional wedding gifts.

What is an Online Wishing Well?

The wishing well can either be an online site, or it can be a decorated box placed at the reception. The box is where guests will drop an envelope with cash inside, a small gift, or a gift voucher. An online wishing well, or cash fund, is the same concept as the physical wishing well, except money is placed into it online.

The online option of a wishing well is attractive to couples who believe they will have large sums of money placed into it. Since the wishing wells sit out in the open during the reception, the online option is safer, and also more convenient as you don’t have to run the money to the bank after the wedding.

Some couples choose to have both an online wishing well, and an online wedding registry for gifts they may not have boughten themselves yet. Either choice may have you feeling awkward about asking your guests for either money or gifts, but they will appreciate your guidance when they know they are giving you something you not only need but want as well.

Should you have a wishing well or online registry for your wedding? This is some information about both to help you choose.

Wishing Well

The wishing well idea for your wedding gifts will provide you with a small nest egg to begin your life together with your spouse. You can use the money for a fantastic honeymoon, pool it together and buy a high-ticket item you could not put on a registry list, save it for something special, use it to pay some of the expenses for your wedding day, or however you and your spouse feel it would be best spent.

Online Registry

With an online registry, such as one with EasyRegistry,  you get to build a flexible, all-inclusive registry to cover all the needs and wants you and your future spouse could imagine. You can choose any item from any store where you have seen something you absolutely love and want, or from the home department of a store where you see new and exciting items you want in your kitchen.

EasyRegistry even lets you put items on your registry like a honeymoon experience, or you can even put your wishing well on along with other wedding gifts to combine the two ideas.

How to Make the Right Choice

How you choose between a wishing well or online registry or both will all depend on your needs. The option of using both ideas will work great for those guests who find it uncomfortable or distasteful to give gifts of money. Whichever option you choose, know that you are simply providing your guests with options, and after the big day you won’t end up with a pile of gifts that you cannot use.

How to Inform Your Guests

Etiquette for informing guests of how you would like to receive gifts should always be on a card inserted with your invitation. The gift request should never be placed directly on the invitation card.

If you make your gift request respectfully, you will not offend your guests, and most people will be grateful you’ve let them have choices on what to present you with on your special day. You know your guests the best, so go with your instincts on how best to make your choice and enjoy the process, and your big day.

Where to Create Online Wishing Well and Online Registry for Your Wedding

EasyRegistry is a leading online wishing well and gift registry site. You are given complete control over how your registry will look and what you place as gift wishes on your registry. Traditional registries restrict a person’s choices as they must choose items specific stores sell. EasyRegistry allows you to place an item on your registry from any store, no matter where it is.  

Our site is completely user-friendly. Check us out today and start creating a registry that includes everything you could possibly ask for.