How To Determine the Best Amount for Your Wishing Well

A wishing well for a wedding registry is a great idea if you and your spouse-to-be have all that you need or want before your big day. A couple can only use so many bath towels, sheets, or coffee pots so an online wishing well is an excellent option for guests. The wishing well idea is a much more charming method of asking for cash rather than gifts.

If you are unsure of how the wishing well idea works or you need to help your guests understand, this is what you need to know. This information will help get them on board with the idea and help you in determining the best amount for your online wishing well.

How an Online Wishing Well Works

Today the trend in marriage is to wait until you’re older, and most couples live together before tying the knot. This trend results in couples having most of what they need for houseware long before the big day. Wedding gifts such as cookware, silverware, bedding, or any of the traditional gifts of years past are no longer needed by all wedding couples.

 As the wedding couple, you are able to set up a wishing well with EasyRegistry through an easy, simple process for your guests to use. You choose how you’d like to receive payments, add the wishing well to your online registry, and guests are instantly able to make contributions.

You can set the wishing well up in the most convenient method for you by providing one on your big day or by accepting electronic payments whenever it is convenient for your guests to access. All of the money received through EasyRegistry for your wishing well will be given as cash payments to your bank account through Stripe.

Benefits of Having an Online Wishing Well

There are a lot of different reasons a couple getting married would prefer cash over material gifts on their big day. Some of the benefits of using the wishing well include:

  • As a couple, you have what you need for your home and do not want additional home-related gifts
  • You would like to take an incredible honeymoon that you cannot quite afford and a wishing well would provide additional funds for this trip
  • You and your spouse-to-be have plans for the future, such as buying a new home, and would like to start a nest egg for a mortgage or perhaps a home remodel
  • You and your spouse-to-be have all you need or want but would like to make a charitable donation to a favorite cause

How to Know What to Ask For With Your Online Wishing Well

Not all of your guests will have heard of a wishing well option at a wedding, and some may be uncomfortable with handing over their money to an online website. You can educate them, and alleviate their concerns by explaining this option in your wedding invitation.

Include a personalized message in your wedding invitation to explain the wishing well is in place of a material wedding gift. Explain why you are asking for cash over gifts by telling them how the money will be spent. When your guests understand that you have specific plans for your future or your honeymoon, they will be happier to contribute to those events.

There is no rule on how much your guests should give to your wishing well. If a guest should ask, you should advise them it should be any amount they are comfortable with. You can even put this message in your explanation so guests do not feel they have to contribute more than they can afford. Some guests are going to give more than others, but you should be grateful and express gratitude for any and all amounts.

After your wedding, you can send a ‘thank-you’ to guests who contributed to your online wishing well and let them know how the money was used. This message will assure them you received their gift, and that they’ve helped to fulfill one of your wedding wishes.

How to Set Up Your Online Wishing Well

EasyRegistry is your way to create a registry for your wedding that all guests can easily access. Creating a registry for your wedding with us allows you to build your own, all-inclusive registry from any store, and for any item. You can also create a wishing well to help finance a honeymoon, or any other event coming up in your new married life. Contact us today and learn how easy it is for you and your guests to use EasyRegistry for that special day.