Top Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

Top Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

Many of our adventures, trips, vacations, or other traveling activities include stories and memories about the dining events we encountered. We remember tasting mouthwatering street foods or having been immersed in different culinary cultures.

Perhaps you haven’t yet experienced these wonderful selections of foodies, but have often thought about enjoying them. Now while planning your wedding, you should consider one of these top honeymoon destinations for foodies to make your trip one of a lifetime. 

These top honeymoon destinations for foodies include areas where food is not just a necessity but rather an art form that will provide you with a sensory delight. When filling out your wedding registry, you can add one of these destinations to your wish list on your EasyRegistry online wedding registry. Make it easy for family and friends to help you with an experience both you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. 

Tokyo, Japan

Michelin-starred restaurants abound in the bustling capital of Japan. This city is a haven for food-loving couples as it offers dazzling arrays of culinary experiences. 

In Tokyo, you and your partner can partake in making sushi through a class taught by a professional sushi chef. You can both learn how to select fresh fish and how to serve it with perfectly prepared sushi rice. There are fish markets to visit including the Old Market Area which is flooded with food stalls. 

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a true delight for foodies from its addictive crunch of banh mi to fragrant bowls of pho. Hanoi is famous for its street food culture. Here you will enjoy recipes that have been handed down for generations and prepared with cooking methods that remain unchanged. 

Hanoi will offer you and your partner many unique experiences. You can go on the pho tasting tour to enjoy Vietnam’s national dish, to street vendors offering wonderful selections, or visit one of the many upscale restaurants.

Paris, France

Paris is the city of love and the perfect destination for a newly married couple where you will find gastronomic experiences along with romance. In Paris, you will find patisseries, boulangeries, and wine bars as you discover a new culinary adventure around every corner. 

Paris offers wine and cheese tasting tours where you can learn the art of how to pair these delicacies with an expert sommelier. There are also opportunities to experience the joy of baking croissants where you’ll enjoy warm, flaky croissants that melt in your mouth. 

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque County is a superstar in the culinary world. This area boasts the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe. San Sebastian is a gastronomic dream come true. 

One of the unique experiences of visiting San Sebastian is going on a pintxos crawl. Pintxos are small snacks that are a basic part of the Basque culture. You and your partner can also enroll in a Basque cooking class to learn the preparation art of classic dishes. 

Athens, Greece

In Athens, you and your partner can experience the taste of tangy cheese to the savory goodness of moussaka. This visit will provide you both with a culinary journey filled with ancient traditions that include the tastes of sun-soaked soil and the salty Aegean Sea.

One of Athens’ treasures is the olive tree which is the country’s most important and oldest tree. The olive tree is cultivated for medicines, foods, and olive oil. You will be able to take a tour of an olive orchard and partake in an olive oil tasting. 

How to Add One of the Top Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies To Your Registry

EasyRegistry gives you the opportunity to create an easy-to-build wedding registry where you and your partner can add any item from any store. This platform also allows you to add a selection for honeymoon contributions as well as a wedding wishing well. Help family and friends find the perfect gift for your special day, by creating your wedding registry on the online EasyRegistry site. 

How To Choose The Best Honeymoon Destination

How To Choose The Best Honeymoon Destination

Weddings involve a lot of decisions from who to invite all the way down to how your table coverings will look. Every decision is important and plays a role in how the big day will play out in your dreams and memories. One very significant decision to make in all this planning is how to choose the best honeymoon destination.

The first factor to consider when you choose the best honeymoon destination is your budget. Honeymoons should always factor in unexpected costs and opting for all-inclusive resorts can help your money go further. All-inclusive resorts will give you peace of mind and not have you worrying about the bill your whole trip as you will have paid in advance when booking.

While all-inclusive resorts are a great option, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best honeymoon destination and other wonderful choices.

Timing and Duration Factor into Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination

While keeping an eye on your budget, you will also have to factor in timing and duration into choosing the best honeymoon destination. Think about whether you and your new partner will want to have a mini-moon or an epic one lasting over a couple of weeks. Knowing how long you can spend on your honeymoon will also help you narrow down which locations you can choose.

Timing will also involve which season you’ll be traveling and what type of weather to expect. These factors will determine what clothes you’ll need down to which type of activities you can hope to partake in. Experts do advise newlyweds to avoid national holidays, months known for unreliable weather, and all other major events that could impact the enjoyment of your honeymoon.

Should You Choose the Best Honeymoon Destination Somewhere Familiar?

Many travel experts and wedding advisors tell newlyweds to step outside their comfort zone and explore new destinations on their honeymoon. Most people have a favorite place they like to visit, but starting a new life together can include sharing new experiences and building new memories. It will make your memories much more lasting if the two of you discover and explore a new destination together. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination

Choosing the best honeymoon destination should reflect your style as a couple. Choose a destination that sets the tone for the kind of pair you are and what you hope to be as a newly married couple. Begin by:

  • Creating a Bucket List
    • You and your partner should define what each other considers to be a perfect honeymoon. Each of you creates a bucket list including places you’ve been and places you’ve dreamed of going. Compare the two lists and learn which destination can meet both of your hopes. 
  • Consider Multi-Destination Honeymoon
    • Honeymoons can be perfected by choosing a multi-destination one. Combine an adventure followed by some downtime in a relaxing setting. Chile and Argentina provide extraordinary combinations of adventures in the great outdoors along with some serious pampering in luxurious accommodations.
  • Do Not Over Plan
    • Planning and carrying out a wedding is exhausting and time-consuming. You and your partner have probably spent little time together lately, and if you did it was most likely filled with stressful planning conversations. Your honeymoon should allow you both ample time to enjoy each other. Don’t plan a honeymoon that includes doing something every day. Your honeymoon should be about celebrating your love and allowing you both to unwind after months of stressful planning. 

How to Add a Honeymoon Destination to Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry is a leading online gift registry and wishing well. Traditional registries that create a wish list of products found at local retailers limit you and your partner-to-be in what you can ask for. EasyRegistry allows you to place any item from anywhere on your wedding registry. This online registry system allows you to include travel and honeymoon destinations. Guests can choose to contribute to your hotel or travel costs as their gift. Check out the many benefits and features this online registry can create for you to help make your wedding the best it can be.

The Perfect Registry For Your Summer Baby

The Perfect Registry For Your Summer Baby

If your baby is due this summer or has recently been born, you are going to need some special items to keep them comfortable during the warmer temperatures. Temperatures are not the only concern during summer months, you also want to make sure your little one is protected from harmful sun rays.

Overheating and sunburn are serious safety issues for infants and especially newborns. As an adult, you are most likely anxiously waiting for the warmer temperatures to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Having a new baby shouldn’t prevent you from having some fun this summer, but you have to keep them safe while you enjoy the warm sun.

Entering the items into your summer baby registry should have your baby’s protection in mind so you can get out with them and both of you can get some fresh air. Here are some items to put on your summer baby registry that you will be able to use for many summers to come.

Rocker Bassinet with Bug Net

A bassinet to rock your little one to sleep at nap time with a bug net will keep them comfortable and protected from biting insects. This bassinet is perfect for your deck or patio if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Lightweight Wrap Carrier

A wrap carrier is a perfect item for your baby’s comfort when they are ready to relax and rest. A bonus to using a wrap carrier is you can free up your hands to do other activities while your baby hangs out in style and comfort. The lightweight option is just right for the summer months.

Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

A more structured carrier and an option to the wrap carrier above is a perfect registry addition. This carrier features four options to carry your child allowing you to use from newborn days all the way through the toddler years. This carrier has ventilated construction to give it breathability and is great for the warmer summer months.

Nuna Pipa Lightweight Infant Car Seat

In the summer, most people travel more. If you are one of those and plan to hit the roads this summer, you will appreciate a lightweight car seat. The Nuna Pipa weighs under seven pounds and is easy to install. This car seat is the lightest on the market and a perfect item for a summer baby registry.

Guava Crossover Stroller

If you love going on summer adventures, you can now bring your baby along if you have a Guava Crossover Stroller. This stroller features a full suspension system, provides you with a huge cargo basket, and has an adjustable handlebar. This is one of the best strollers on the market if you have summer travel plans.

Veer Stroller Wagon

The Veer Stroller wagon is a great summer baby registry item as it is a parent favorite There is a lot of storage area in this wagon and will provide your baby a smooth ride no matter what terrain you are walking. You have the option to purchase or add to your registry a ton of accessories for this wagon, such as storage baskets, a nap system, canopies, and much more.

Fisher Price Baby Dome

The Fisher-Price on-the-go baby dome is a portable play yard for your baby when you travel away from home. It features an activity gym, padded play space, and a roll-down mosquito net to keep your baby safe from biting bugs.

How to Create Your Summer Baby Registry

Your summer baby registry should be based on your personal style and lifestyle. Tailor the items to help you enjoy the warmer season with your new baby and still keep them comfortable and safe.

Easy Registry makes it possible for you to customize your baby registry by adding any item from any store. With Easy Registry you are not limited to traditional retailers, you can choose items to add from anywhere. If you are ready to create your summer baby registry, check out Easy Registry which makes it easy for you and your friends and family to make choices.

When To Make Your Wedding Registry

When To Make Your Wedding Registry

If you want to follow the general etiquette guidelines, most experts will agree that you should make your wedding registry within seven to nine months of the big day. During this time, it is assumed your bridal shower and any other pre-wedding festivities will be held so that guests attending any of these events will have an easy time choosing your gifts.

Engagements today appear to follow a certain formula. The question is popped, the answer is given, pictures are taken, and your social media posts come alive. Some couples will call close relatives and friends, or answer texts that are coming in response to posts. But the time is now for you and your partner to start planning the wedding.

How To Start Planning Your Wedding Registry

There is a lot of excitement in the air once your engagement is announced, and one of the most exciting parts is making your registry. Just like your big day takes a lot of planning, so does your registry. You want to carefully consider your requests and post your registry as soon as possible after you’ve announced your engagement. 

If you and your partner are planning on an engagement party, or a close friend or family member is throwing one for you, the registry should be in place beforehand. In some cases, couples want to spread a ‘no gift’ message for engagement parties, however, there will always be someone who wants to give a gift to celebrate. If you don’t register beforehand, you could find yourselves receiving a lot of unwanted items. While you will still accept these gifts graciously, it would work in your favor to have a registry in place, so guests understand your needs and wants.

A Must-Be-Registered Date is the Bridal Shower

You must be registered before your bridal shower. Whether you and your partner are looking for traditional houseware items, newlywed adventures, or honeymoon funds, you want your wedding registry in place long enough before the bridal shower so your guests can access it and choose one of your wishes.

The wedding registry should be available in ample time for guests to access it and make a choice before the day of any wedding event that is planned. Even with online, digital registries, there is still etiquette regarding how much advance notice guests receive to look over your list and make their choice.

Consider Your Wants and Needs for the Wedding Registry

You and your partner are not restricted to placing your registry at a standard retailer in your hometown. You also do not have to choose classic stores or traditional gifts. Many couples today already have a home set up and do not need additional houseware items. Your guests want you to list items on your registry that will make both of you the happiest.

Basically, your wedding registry is your ultimate gift wish list so you and your partner can start your new life with the best. Using the online EasyRegistry, allows you to customize your choices, categorize your favorites, and think about all the awesome stuff you and your partner want to share.

Where to Set Up Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry is a leading online gift registry and wishing well. We allow you to completely customize your registry from any store, anywhere no matter its location. Your guests will love how easy the wedding registry at EasyRegistry is to use and checkout online. Guests can also contribute any amount they choose to your bigger ticket items or adventures you’ve listed. We make it easy for you and your partner-to-be to create your registry, and for all your guests to access and purchase from your wish list.

How to Register For Experiences For Your Wedding

How to Register For Experiences For Your Wedding

If you and your partner have decided on the big day, it is now time to start thinking about your wedding registry. Unique ideas for a registry are experience-based gifts if you’ve already collected all the houseware items you need. Choosing to include experience gifts in your registry opens up a whole lot of fun ideas. These are perfect for the couple who wants to build on their memories together and have a great time doing it.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Experience-Based Gifts on Your Registry

Quality time together is the best way to strengthen your bond with your new partner. This time together will also build memories to last a lifetime. Having experience-based gifts on your registry will give you time together to invest in and strengthen your relationship. Some of the ideas for experience-based gifts include:

  • Tickets to a museum
  • Tickets to a baseball game or other sporting event
  • Meal kit service
  • Tickets to a local theater
  • An experience-based gift can also have several guests contributing to a larger trip and cover airfare or hotel expenses

The sky is the limit when it comes to listing experience-based gifts on your registry and a chance for you and your partner to discover new adventures together.

Experience-Based Gifts Solve Space Problems

If you and your soon-to-be partner live in a small space and have collected all the houseware items you need, experience-based gifts will prevent you from receiving items you cannot store. Consider creating a ‘date-night’ category on your experience-based registry and allow your guests to come up with fun ideas for you to do as a couple. This idea will solve any problems with gifts cluttering up your living space and allow you to find new and exciting activities to do together.

Experience-Based Gifts Will Create Shared Meaning

The Gottman Institute‘s research shows one of the best ways to make sure your relationship is a success is to create shared meaning. Creating shared meaning is done through different rituals from the mundane to the extravagant. These shared moments through different experiences weave your lives together in a special and unique way. Experience-based gifts will create opportunities for you and your partner to build shared meaning. These experiences will give you both something to look back on and relive years later.

How to Ask for Experience Over Gifts

When you create your wedding registry with EasyRegistry you are able to add gifts from any store whether it is online or not. You also have the options of creating a travel or honeymoon registry where guests can contribute to flight, hotel, or other activities you are planning for your honeymoon. Experience gifts, such as your honeymoon, are easy to locate on your EasyRegistry page, and it is an easy and simple process for your guests to use.

When sending out your ‘save the date’ or wedding invitations, simply make a statement about an experience you and your partner want to do together. Give your guests background on how meaningful their contribution to an event or experience will be to both of you. This information will help guests choose to ‘gift’ you with something that will bring joy to your marriage for years to come.

Where to Create Your Wedding Registry for Experience-Based Gift Ideas

EasyRegistry is the place to go when you want to create a unique, easy-to-build, and all-inclusive registry. With our registry platform, you and your partner-to-be can add experiences, contributions, a wishing well, or any item from any store on your registry. Sharing a link with your guests will give them access to your personalized list of wishes. They will be able to browse through your requests and make a selection or contribution through one of many payment options. Check out EasyRegistry and build your list of wishes today.

The Best Tech-Free Baby Toys For Your Registry

The Best Tech-Free Baby Toys For Your Registry

Make the most out of your baby’s or toddler’s play time and connect more with them through tech-free toys to support their learning during the important development stages. The right toys introduced to your child at the right time will play an essential role in their growth process both physically and mentally. Tech-free toys encourage imagination, open-ended play, and exploration to engage your child through a wide range of interests and ages.

In today’s world, parents are beginning to rely too heavily on technology to entertain their children. However, there are still many toys on the market that have remained tech-free and encourage your child’s development as well as being fun and interactive. If you are expecting a child and want to create a baby registry for friends and family to purchase for your new arrival, these are some great ideas for tech-free baby toys to list for both babies and toddlers.

1. 80 Piece Big Building Blocks Bag

The Mega Blocks (found at Amazon and other children’s toys) are designed to be durable and include a storage bag so you can easily pick up the blocks and store them. Different sets of Mega Blocks can all be used interchangeably so your child can grow, learn, and become more creative in how they make arrangements. You, your child, and the entire family can use these blocks and let your imaginations flow.

2. Wooden Food Set

The Wooden Food Set (found at pottery barns kids) are toy vegetables created from solid wood and will create a cutting sound when your child slices through them with the wooden knife. This toy is a great way to build on your child’s dexterity and other motor skills. The set also encourages your child to share toys, identify different objects, count, clean up, and how to care for toys.

3. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy (found at Amazon and other children’s stores) has four hanging toys to provide your infant with sensory interaction and fun as it entertains them while lying down or sitting while riding in the stroller. This toy does not contain securing straps for elongating and is aged based for 0 to 12 months.

4. Meowbaby Foam Ball Pit

The Meowbaby Foam Ball Pit (found at Amazon and other children’s stores) is a pool full of high-quality balls without BPA. Both colors and materials are safe raw materials that are guaranteed to pose no risk of injury. The balls and pit are both of European production and have the CE certificate. The pool and balls are handmade so every detail is given the best possible care.

5. Baby Sensory Development Floor Mirror

The Baby Sensory Development Floor Mirror (found at Target and other children’s toy departments) will help your baby develop social skills as they engage with their image. This toy is recommended for babies from newborns and up and is brightly colored to grab your child’s attention. The mirror has an adjustable stand that you can adjust to meet your baby’s needs.

6. Play-Doh Starter Set

The Play-Doh Starter Set (found on Amazon and other children’s toy departments) will allow your child to open up their imagination and become creative as they build, cut, and mold the play-doh into their masterpieces. The starter set includes basic tools and they come in a lot of different themes. These starter sets make great play-date toys.

Setting Up Your Baby Registry

Setting up a baby registry can be fun, and when you have ideas of items to place on the registry it is even more fun. Use some of the above ideas along with the necessary items such as diapers, strollers, clothing, and bedding to create an incredible selection for your friends and family to choose from for your new bundle of joy.

EasyRegistry is the ideal site for you to use in creating a gift registry or wishing well. On our site, you can completely customize the list using any store, any gift, or a wishing well. There are no limits at EasyRegistry on what, or from where items listed can be located. Our site is user-friendly and convenient. Check out EasyRegistry and learn how quick, fun, and easy it is to list all your new wants for your new baby.

The Best Ways to Share Your Registry

The Best Ways to Share Your Registry

Every engaged couple should create some type of registry. A registry can go the traditional route, or you can mix it up with hobby-based, experimental, or honeymoon versions. Creating the registry is the fun part, but then you have to figure out how to share your wedding registry with all your nearest and dearest.

Sharing a registry comes with its own set of etiquette and rules. These are some dos and don’ts you should remember when it comes time to share yours.

Do Share Registry Information on Your Bridal Shower Invitations

Typically a bride will not host her own bridal shower, but you can ask your host to add a link or put a note in the invitations to the shower on how to access your wedding registry. Brides and grooms usually are not comfortable asking for gifts directly, but you can have your parents, aunts, or other besties share the registry information for you. Don’t feel awkward sharing your registry with shower guests, because they are going to want to know what you’d like to receive.

Don’t Share Registry Link as Your Status on FaceBook

Many people think everything important in their life can be posted on FaceBook or other social media site. A wedding registry is not one of those things. Not everyone who visits your page is going to be invited to your special day, and posting the registry could offend those not invited. Posting the registry could also come off as ‘greedy’ to some. It would be acceptable to send a link for the registry by text or email to parties asking for the information. You might want to include a message like ‘your presence at the wedding will be more than enough’ to soften the request.

Do Share Registry on Your Save the Date

The Save the Date announcement is an excellent way for you to share your registry. Not everyone who receives this notice is going to be able to attend your big day but will have your registry information to decide if they want to get something for you in honor of your nuptials.

Do Share Registry Information on Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation is where most people will look for your wedding registry information. This invitation is a must for sharing the link to your registry but do not make a direct mention of gifts. A big no-no on the invitation is asking for cash instead of gifts. Gifts should never be required to attend your celebration of marriage, so putting the request for cash or specific items on the invitation will send the wrong message. The message is that your guests may feel that you expect them to bring a gift in order to attend.

Do Count on Word-of-Mouth to Share Your Registry

In earlier times, before wedding websites and links on the internet, guests attending a wedding would ask the groom or bride’s family what the couple would like. Some people still use the word-the-mouth method to learn what a wedding couple would like, so be sure to share your details with groomsmen, bridesmaids, and immediate family, and let them know they can spread the word on your behalf.

Where to Create Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry is one of the best online wishing well and gift registry sites. With EasyRegistry you can customize your wedding registry for any gift from any store. No matter where the item you want is located, it can be added to your registry with our system. You decide what you want most, add the items to your online registry with a picture and price, and your guests can contribute whatever amount they are comfortable with to the item of their choice. Check out our website today and see how easy it is for you, your partner, and all your guests to use EasyRegistry.

How To Determine the Best Amount for Your Wishing Well

A wishing well for a wedding registry is a great idea if you and your spouse-to-be have all that you need or want before your big day. A couple can only use so many bath towels, sheets, or coffee pots so an online wishing well is an excellent option for guests. The wishing well idea is a much more charming method of asking for cash rather than gifts.

If you are unsure of how the wishing well idea works or you need to help your guests understand, this is what you need to know. This information will help get them on board with the idea and help you in determining the best amount for your online wishing well.

How an Online Wishing Well Works

Today the trend in marriage is to wait until you’re older, and most couples live together before tying the knot. This trend results in couples having most of what they need for houseware long before the big day. Wedding gifts such as cookware, silverware, bedding, or any of the traditional gifts of years past are no longer needed by all wedding couples.

 As the wedding couple, you are able to set up a wishing well with EasyRegistry through an easy, simple process for your guests to use. You choose how you’d like to receive payments, add the wishing well to your online registry, and guests are instantly able to make contributions.

You can set the wishing well up in the most convenient method for you by providing one on your big day or by accepting electronic payments whenever it is convenient for your guests to access. All of the money received through EasyRegistry for your wishing well will be given as cash payments to your bank account through Stripe.

Benefits of Having an Online Wishing Well

There are a lot of different reasons a couple getting married would prefer cash over material gifts on their big day. Some of the benefits of using the wishing well include:

  • As a couple, you have what you need for your home and do not want additional home-related gifts
  • You would like to take an incredible honeymoon that you cannot quite afford and a wishing well would provide additional funds for this trip
  • You and your spouse-to-be have plans for the future, such as buying a new home, and would like to start a nest egg for a mortgage or perhaps a home remodel
  • You and your spouse-to-be have all you need or want but would like to make a charitable donation to a favorite cause

How to Know What to Ask For With Your Online Wishing Well

Not all of your guests will have heard of a wishing well option at a wedding, and some may be uncomfortable with handing over their money to an online website. You can educate them, and alleviate their concerns by explaining this option in your wedding invitation.

Include a personalized message in your wedding invitation to explain the wishing well is in place of a material wedding gift. Explain why you are asking for cash over gifts by telling them how the money will be spent. When your guests understand that you have specific plans for your future or your honeymoon, they will be happier to contribute to those events.

There is no rule on how much your guests should give to your wishing well. If a guest should ask, you should advise them it should be any amount they are comfortable with. You can even put this message in your explanation so guests do not feel they have to contribute more than they can afford. Some guests are going to give more than others, but you should be grateful and express gratitude for any and all amounts.

After your wedding, you can send a ‘thank-you’ to guests who contributed to your online wishing well and let them know how the money was used. This message will assure them you received their gift, and that they’ve helped to fulfill one of your wedding wishes.

How to Set Up Your Online Wishing Well

EasyRegistry is your way to create a registry for your wedding that all guests can easily access. Creating a registry for your wedding with us allows you to build your own, all-inclusive registry from any store, and for any item. You can also create a wishing well to help finance a honeymoon, or any other event coming up in your new married life. Contact us today and learn how easy it is for you and your guests to use EasyRegistry for that special day.

Best Travel Systems for Your Baby Registry

Best Travel Systems for Your Baby Registry

There are a lot of new things you will learn when you become a parent. Many things are to help make life easier with your new child. Making life easier and your baby safer when traveling is one of those important things you’ll learn. With the baby travel systems now on the market, you can easily take your baby from your car to the pediatrician, or the grocery store with little effort.

The challenge with these systems is figuring out which combo will work best for you to put on your baby registry at EasyRegistry. Many times the items in the travel system combos can be purchased separately, or together if they are all the same brand. With many, there is an infant seat to attach to a stroller. These sets often include an adapter to attach the system to your car seat. The stroller in these combos can typically be used without the car seat.

What is a Travel System Combo?

A travel system combo for your infant is a stroller and a car seat that attach. When you unclip your child’s car seat from its base in your vehicle, it can be snapped right into a stroller without having to move your infant physically out of the car seat. This combo is often called a stroller travel system, or a baby travel system.

Travel systems are the perfect item to put on your baby registry for family and friends to purchase as a group, or separately. With all the other items you will be needing to purchase for your little one, receiving help to purchase one of these systems will reduce your financial burdens significantly.

Why Your Baby Needs a Travel System

If you currently have a stroller from a previous child, or one borrowed from a friend and it does not have a bassinet attachment, it is not approved for newborn use. If the seating area does not fully recline, it will not be usable until your child can sit up unassisted. Even if the stroller does fully recline, you will still have to physically move your baby to transfer them from the stroller to the car seat and back again each time you travel.

When you have a travel system for your baby, it can be used from newborn age up. You will not have to disturb your child every time you need to move them to the stroller.

When Should You Get a Travel System for Your Baby?

You are going to need the travel system as soon as you deliver your child. Putting this item on your baby registry early will help you to receive the one you need when this time comes. Researching the models available to learn which will work best for your needs is important and should be done early for the correct information to be placed on the registry in time for your baby’s arrival.

Will a Travel System be Safe for Your Newborn?

Travel systems are safe for newborn babies with a few tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of those tips is if your baby falls asleep while in their car seat, you should move them to their bassinet or crib when arriving home. If you are stopping somewhere else for a while, find another safe place for your child to continue their sleep outside of the car seat.

Many parents feel they should not disturb their sleeping child’s rest and will want the child to finish a nap if they’ve fallen asleep during a drive. If you are one of those parents, there are some safety tips to follow to reduce the risk of harming your child:

  • Do not allow your child to overheat by removing hats or blankets
  • Ensure the car is well ventilated
  • Keep the straps snug
  • Place the car seat where you can directly supervise your child

Choosing the Right Travel System for Your Baby

When deciding which travel system to place on your baby registry, you will want to consider how you will use each piece as a unit and separately. The stroller will be used longer, so begin by choosing one according to weight and size, the type of terrain you will use it in, and its ease of use. A car seat should be chosen by how it will fit your vehicle, the harness adjustments, washability, and side-impact protection.

Which Baby Registry is the Best to Use

EasyRegistry is one of the top online gift registries and wishing well sites. We allow you to completely customize your registry by adding any item to your list no matter which retailer carries the item. You and your guests are going to love the convenience of our registry and how easy it is to use. Check out our site and begin your registry to welcome your new baby today.