Every engaged couple should create some type of registry. A registry can go the traditional route, or you can mix it up with hobby-based, experimental, or honeymoon versions. Creating the registry is the fun part, but then you have to figure out how to share your wedding registry with all your nearest and dearest.

Sharing a registry comes with its own set of etiquette and rules. These are some dos and don’ts you should remember when it comes time to share yours.

Do Share Registry Information on Your Bridal Shower Invitations

Typically a bride will not host her own bridal shower, but you can ask your host to add a link or put a note in the invitations to the shower on how to access your wedding registry. Brides and grooms usually are not comfortable asking for gifts directly, but you can have your parents, aunts, or other besties share the registry information for you. Don’t feel awkward sharing your registry with shower guests, because they are going to want to know what you’d like to receive.

Don’t Share Registry Link as Your Status on FaceBook

Many people think everything important in their life can be posted on FaceBook or other social media site. A wedding registry is not one of those things. Not everyone who visits your page is going to be invited to your special day, and posting the registry could offend those not invited. Posting the registry could also come off as ‘greedy’ to some. It would be acceptable to send a link for the registry by text or email to parties asking for the information. You might want to include a message like ‘your presence at the wedding will be more than enough’ to soften the request.

Do Share Registry on Your Save the Date

The Save the Date announcement is an excellent way for you to share your registry. Not everyone who receives this notice is going to be able to attend your big day but will have your registry information to decide if they want to get something for you in honor of your nuptials.

Do Share Registry Information on Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation is where most people will look for your wedding registry information. This invitation is a must for sharing the link to your registry but do not make a direct mention of gifts. A big no-no on the invitation is asking for cash instead of gifts. Gifts should never be required to attend your celebration of marriage, so putting the request for cash or specific items on the invitation will send the wrong message. The message is that your guests may feel that you expect them to bring a gift in order to attend.

Do Count on Word-of-Mouth to Share Your Registry

In earlier times, before wedding websites and links on the internet, guests attending a wedding would ask the groom or bride’s family what the couple would like. Some people still use the word-the-mouth method to learn what a wedding couple would like, so be sure to share your details with groomsmen, bridesmaids, and immediate family, and let them know they can spread the word on your behalf.

Where to Create Your Wedding Registry

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