What Should You Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together?

What Should You Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together?

The gifts listed on a registry for couples who are cohabitating before the ‘big’ day, typically include items that will make their home more fulfilling and exciting. Some items often listed by these couples include gifts that will make their surroundings more meaningful and cozy.

If you and your partner have been living together, and are now planning a wedding, a wedding registry will help your family and friends choose the right gifts for you. Since you’ve been together, it is more than likely you have enough dishes, bedding, and kitchen appliances, so you don’t want to end up with more. For this reason, creating a registry will help not only you and your partner but your guests as well.

These are other reasons for you to create a registry if you’ve been living with your future spouse before the wedding:

1. Your Future

A registry can be something more than just a request for standard gifts. If you and your future spouse have all the necessities you think you’ll need, check out Easy Registry where you can add gifts from any store, whether online or not. Why not try asking for something like an exciting experience. You could add gift cards for airlines, hotels, or other travels you and your future spouse would like to check out once life has settled down again.

2. Build a ‘Together’ Home

Your registry can be used to create a ‘together’ home to fulfill both of your dreams. List items that will bring both of you joy, not just a bunch of random items. Maybe your cookware set is just a bunch of hand-me-downs, and now you’d like a set that matches. Perhaps the couch you’ve been using is a relic and you’ve got your eye on a more comfortable, eye-appealing style. The wedding registry is the perfect place to get started on a better-looking place to live.

3. Help Guests Buy Practical Gifts

Your guests are going to want to buy you something. Gift-giving is a tradition and expectation with almost every wedding celebration. Your registry provides your guests with the help they need to buy you something they know you’ll want and appreciate. The registry also ensures you’ll be opening gifts that are wanted and you’ll keep. When you use these gifts, you’ll remember your special day and the special person who gave them to you.

Types of Gifts to Put on a Registry If You and Your Spouse Already Live Together

When you set out to create a wedding registry as a couple who has lived together for a time before the ‘big’ celebration, these are some of the common choices others have added:

  • Donations to special charities
  • Upgrades to everyday items
  • Collectible pieces
  • Unique gift cards and experiences
  • Cash for future expenses

Learn More About What to Put on Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry makes it easy to put any item you and your future spouse desire on your special day’s registry. We make it simple to add any item from any store, an experience you’ve always wanted to enjoy, or a contribution to your favorite charity.

Create the registry of your wishes and share with a link to your guests. Place the link on your wedding website, stamped on your invitations, or share it on social media. It has never been easier to make a list of wishes. Visit EasyRegistry and start your registry today.