Do You Need A Registry For Your Second Baby?

Do You Need A Registry For Your Second Baby?

When you are having your first baby, it is pretty common practice to create a baby registry. Having your first baby means you need a lot of things as you’ve never had a little one living in your home before. When a person has a second baby, many of the items received after the first can be used for the second child, so not everyone creates a baby registry the second time around. 

Just because not everyone does a second registry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Some mothers will tell you they highly recommend you do. While you won’t have as many people buying gifts for your second child, some will want to. It is a lot easier to direct family and friends to a link full of your needs and wants at different price ranges as opposed to answering the same questions numerous times.

Another significant reason to create a registry for your second baby is to use it as your ‘to-buy’ list. There are a lot of things needed when you are preparing for the birth of a child, no matter what number baby it is, and the list will make preparations much easier. These are other reasons you may want to create this registry.

1. Children Are Far Apart in Age

A baby registry for your second child works great if your children are far apart in age. While you may be able to reuse your first child’s items, what happens is many of these items get passed along or purged after a few years. If there is a significant age difference between your children, you may no longer have everything you received or purchased for your first baby. A second registry will help you replenish the items needed to help care for your second child.

2. Children Are Close in Age

While it might sound counterintuitive to want some of the same items for your second baby as you did for your first when they are so close in age, the fact is, you probably will. Having children close in age, especially if they are within one or two years, your first baby is most likely not ready to part with some of their things.

Items such as crib mattresses, cribs, strollers, high chairs, or monitors are probably being used by your first child, and now a second child is going to need them as well. A second baby registry will help your family and friends know what to buy for you and your baby and get you items you will need and use.

3. Some Baby Gear Should Not be Re-Used

One example of a baby item that should not be re-used is a car seat. Car seats expire after a certain amount of time, typically six to eight years from when they were manufactured. Another example is a crib mattress. While these mattresses don’t have an expiration date, they will begin to show wear and sag after about five years. Other items not to reuse are anything your first child has put into their mouth. Pacifiers and bottle nipples should always be in new condition for a new baby.

4. Baby Registry Will Keep You Organized

Even if you don’t plan on sharing your baby registry, they are still a great thing to create to keep yourself organized. A registry for your second child will keep track of things you know you’ll need, and keep track of things you’ve already purchased. If you receive gifts from family or friends and you had them on the list, it’s a great way to make a note that you no longer need to purchase them.

Learn More About Creating An Online Baby Registry for Your Second Child

EasyRegistry makes it easy to create a registry for your second child, first child, travel, birthday, wedding, or any other event someone will want to gift you items. These registries are also great for keeping yourself organized and ensuring all your wants and needs are taken care of.

EasyRegistry allows you to create your list from items in any store. You can add an experience you’d like to have, or even if you need money over material gifts. The possibilities are endless as the registry becomes your wish list. By providing your family and friends with a link to your registry, you help them give you a gift they know you want and will appreciate.