Stay Organized While Creating Your Registry

Stay Organized While Creating Your Registry

When you’ve set a date for your big day it’s time to start thinking about what you want as gifts for your wedding. Creating a registry can be one of the more enjoyable tasks in planning, but it can become overwhelming as well. You want to choose gifts you need and at the same time choose ones you know your guests can afford.

Creating your wedding registry doesn’t have to be stressful if you stay organized. These are some tips on how you can organize your wedding registry and put the enjoyment back into creating one.

1. Take Stock of What You Have

The items you put on your wedding registry should be things you and your partner-to-be will need. To know what you need, you have to know what you have already. Spend some time going through your home and decide which items you have, items you want, and items you should replace.

2. Organize Your Wedding Registry on One Site

Creating a registry for your wedding is most likely going to include a variety of different items. This variety might mean you feel like registering with different retailers. Managing multiple registries can quickly become a headache and make it difficult to remain organized. It will be harder to track which gifts have been purchased or where they’ve been sent.

It will much easier to create an organized registry for your wedding if you keep it in one place. EasyRegistry is an online gift registry site for you to use to create this perfect list. You can customize your list and add any item from any retailer all in one place.

3. Coordinate Deliveries

Some guests will not be able to attend your special day, but still want to send a gift. Sometimes when a guest has to travel they will opt for the delivery of gifts so they don’t have to worry about transporting them. There are multiple reasons a guest may choose to have something from your registry delivered directly to your address rather than bringing it to the celebration. When these deliveries begin arriving, it will be important to keep them organized.

Coordinating your gifts might have to include how they will be shipped to you. Check with EasyRegistry to learn if you can schedule shipping dates and times, otherwise, you might want to make arrangements with a neighbor to accept packages when you are at work or not home.

When deliveries come in, make sure you keep them organized so you know which gift came from which guest so you can send the proper ‘thank you.’

4. Managing Thank You Notes

Your guests have spent the money, taken the time, and made the effort to get a gift off your wedding registry so they can give you a perfect gift. Sending them a thank you note is an absolute must for all they’ve done for you and your partner. If you don’t stay organized through the wedding planning process, it can be easy for the thank you to fall by the wayside.

Using an online registry site such as EasyRegistry will keep the gift information for you. When the big day is over, and you’ve taken care of returning all rentals such as the tux, extra chairs, or whatever items you rented for the celebration, the information on received gifts will be readily available. This information will ensure every person who sent you a gift receives a thank you.

Where to Sign Up for a Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry allows you to add anything on your and your partner’s wish list to your registry. Whether you want guests to help pay for your honeymoon or other travels or want a unique item from a retailer, EasyRegistry allows you to add it to the registry. Contact us today and learn how making your registry with EasyRegistry is not only convenient for you, but also your guests.