If you want to follow the general etiquette guidelines, most experts will agree that you should make your wedding registry within seven to nine months of the big day. During this time, it is assumed your bridal shower and any other pre-wedding festivities will be held so that guests attending any of these events will have an easy time choosing your gifts.

Engagements today appear to follow a certain formula. The question is popped, the answer is given, pictures are taken, and your social media posts come alive. Some couples will call close relatives and friends, or answer texts that are coming in response to posts. But the time is now for you and your partner to start planning the wedding.

How To Start Planning Your Wedding Registry

There is a lot of excitement in the air once your engagement is announced, and one of the most exciting parts is making your registry. Just like your big day takes a lot of planning, so does your registry. You want to carefully consider your requests and post your registry as soon as possible after you’ve announced your engagement. 

If you and your partner are planning on an engagement party, or a close friend or family member is throwing one for you, the registry should be in place beforehand. In some cases, couples want to spread a ‘no gift’ message for engagement parties, however, there will always be someone who wants to give a gift to celebrate. If you don’t register beforehand, you could find yourselves receiving a lot of unwanted items. While you will still accept these gifts graciously, it would work in your favor to have a registry in place, so guests understand your needs and wants.

A Must-Be-Registered Date is the Bridal Shower

You must be registered before your bridal shower. Whether you and your partner are looking for traditional houseware items, newlywed adventures, or honeymoon funds, you want your wedding registry in place long enough before the bridal shower so your guests can access it and choose one of your wishes.

The wedding registry should be available in ample time for guests to access it and make a choice before the day of any wedding event that is planned. Even with online, digital registries, there is still etiquette regarding how much advance notice guests receive to look over your list and make their choice.

Consider Your Wants and Needs for the Wedding Registry

You and your partner are not restricted to placing your registry at a standard retailer in your hometown. You also do not have to choose classic stores or traditional gifts. Many couples today already have a home set up and do not need additional houseware items. Your guests want you to list items on your registry that will make both of you the happiest.

Basically, your wedding registry is your ultimate gift wish list so you and your partner can start your new life with the best. Using the online EasyRegistry, allows you to customize your choices, categorize your favorites, and think about all the awesome stuff you and your partner want to share.

Where to Set Up Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry is a leading online gift registry and wishing well. We allow you to completely customize your registry from any store, anywhere no matter its location. Your guests will love how easy the wedding registry at EasyRegistry is to use and checkout online. Guests can also contribute any amount they choose to your bigger ticket items or adventures you’ve listed. We make it easy for you and your partner-to-be to create your registry, and for all your guests to access and purchase from your wish list.