If your baby is due this summer or has recently been born, you are going to need some special items to keep them comfortable during the warmer temperatures. Temperatures are not the only concern during summer months, you also want to make sure your little one is protected from harmful sun rays.

Overheating and sunburn are serious safety issues for infants and especially newborns. As an adult, you are most likely anxiously waiting for the warmer temperatures to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Having a new baby shouldn’t prevent you from having some fun this summer, but you have to keep them safe while you enjoy the warm sun.

Entering the items into your summer baby registry should have your baby’s protection in mind so you can get out with them and both of you can get some fresh air. Here are some items to put on your summer baby registry that you will be able to use for many summers to come.

Rocker Bassinet with Bug Net

A bassinet to rock your little one to sleep at nap time with a bug net will keep them comfortable and protected from biting insects. This bassinet is perfect for your deck or patio if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Lightweight Wrap Carrier

A wrap carrier is a perfect item for your baby’s comfort when they are ready to relax and rest. A bonus to using a wrap carrier is you can free up your hands to do other activities while your baby hangs out in style and comfort. The lightweight option is just right for the summer months.

Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

A more structured carrier and an option to the wrap carrier above is a perfect registry addition. This carrier features four options to carry your child allowing you to use from newborn days all the way through the toddler years. This carrier has ventilated construction to give it breathability and is great for the warmer summer months.

Nuna Pipa Lightweight Infant Car Seat

In the summer, most people travel more. If you are one of those and plan to hit the roads this summer, you will appreciate a lightweight car seat. The Nuna Pipa weighs under seven pounds and is easy to install. This car seat is the lightest on the market and a perfect item for a summer baby registry.

Guava Crossover Stroller

If you love going on summer adventures, you can now bring your baby along if you have a Guava Crossover Stroller. This stroller features a full suspension system, provides you with a huge cargo basket, and has an adjustable handlebar. This is one of the best strollers on the market if you have summer travel plans.

Veer Stroller Wagon

The Veer Stroller wagon is a great summer baby registry item as it is a parent favorite There is a lot of storage area in this wagon and will provide your baby a smooth ride no matter what terrain you are walking. You have the option to purchase or add to your registry a ton of accessories for this wagon, such as storage baskets, a nap system, canopies, and much more.

Fisher Price Baby Dome

The Fisher-Price on-the-go baby dome is a portable play yard for your baby when you travel away from home. It features an activity gym, padded play space, and a roll-down mosquito net to keep your baby safe from biting bugs.

How to Create Your Summer Baby Registry

Your summer baby registry should be based on your personal style and lifestyle. Tailor the items to help you enjoy the warmer season with your new baby and still keep them comfortable and safe.

Easy Registry makes it possible for you to customize your baby registry by adding any item from any store. With Easy Registry you are not limited to traditional retailers, you can choose items to add from anywhere. If you are ready to create your summer baby registry, check out Easy Registry which makes it easy for you and your friends and family to make choices.