Make the most out of your baby’s or toddler’s play time and connect more with them through tech-free toys to support their learning during the important development stages. The right toys introduced to your child at the right time will play an essential role in their growth process both physically and mentally. Tech-free toys encourage imagination, open-ended play, and exploration to engage your child through a wide range of interests and ages.

In today’s world, parents are beginning to rely too heavily on technology to entertain their children. However, there are still many toys on the market that have remained tech-free and encourage your child’s development as well as being fun and interactive. If you are expecting a child and want to create a baby registry for friends and family to purchase for your new arrival, these are some great ideas for tech-free baby toys to list for both babies and toddlers.

1. 80 Piece Big Building Blocks Bag

The Mega Blocks (found at Amazon and other children’s toys) are designed to be durable and include a storage bag so you can easily pick up the blocks and store them. Different sets of Mega Blocks can all be used interchangeably so your child can grow, learn, and become more creative in how they make arrangements. You, your child, and the entire family can use these blocks and let your imaginations flow.

2. Wooden Food Set

The Wooden Food Set (found at pottery barns kids) are toy vegetables created from solid wood and will create a cutting sound when your child slices through them with the wooden knife. This toy is a great way to build on your child’s dexterity and other motor skills. The set also encourages your child to share toys, identify different objects, count, clean up, and how to care for toys.

3. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy (found at Amazon and other children’s stores) has four hanging toys to provide your infant with sensory interaction and fun as it entertains them while lying down or sitting while riding in the stroller. This toy does not contain securing straps for elongating and is aged based for 0 to 12 months.

4. Meowbaby Foam Ball Pit

The Meowbaby Foam Ball Pit (found at Amazon and other children’s stores) is a pool full of high-quality balls without BPA. Both colors and materials are safe raw materials that are guaranteed to pose no risk of injury. The balls and pit are both of European production and have the CE certificate. The pool and balls are handmade so every detail is given the best possible care.

5. Baby Sensory Development Floor Mirror

The Baby Sensory Development Floor Mirror (found at Target and other children’s toy departments) will help your baby develop social skills as they engage with their image. This toy is recommended for babies from newborns and up and is brightly colored to grab your child’s attention. The mirror has an adjustable stand that you can adjust to meet your baby’s needs.

6. Play-Doh Starter Set

The Play-Doh Starter Set (found on Amazon and other children’s toy departments) will allow your child to open up their imagination and become creative as they build, cut, and mold the play-doh into their masterpieces. The starter set includes basic tools and they come in a lot of different themes. These starter sets make great play-date toys.

Setting Up Your Baby Registry

Setting up a baby registry can be fun, and when you have ideas of items to place on the registry it is even more fun. Use some of the above ideas along with the necessary items such as diapers, strollers, clothing, and bedding to create an incredible selection for your friends and family to choose from for your new bundle of joy.

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