There are a lot of new things you will learn when you become a parent. Many things are to help make life easier with your new child. Making life easier and your baby safer when traveling is one of those important things you’ll learn. With the baby travel systems now on the market, you can easily take your baby from your car to the pediatrician, or the grocery store with little effort.

The challenge with these systems is figuring out which combo will work best for you to put on your baby registry at EasyRegistry. Many times the items in the travel system combos can be purchased separately, or together if they are all the same brand. With many, there is an infant seat to attach to a stroller. These sets often include an adapter to attach the system to your car seat. The stroller in these combos can typically be used without the car seat.

What is a Travel System Combo?

A travel system combo for your infant is a stroller and a car seat that attach. When you unclip your child’s car seat from its base in your vehicle, it can be snapped right into a stroller without having to move your infant physically out of the car seat. This combo is often called a stroller travel system, or a baby travel system.

Travel systems are the perfect item to put on your baby registry for family and friends to purchase as a group, or separately. With all the other items you will be needing to purchase for your little one, receiving help to purchase one of these systems will reduce your financial burdens significantly.

Why Your Baby Needs a Travel System

If you currently have a stroller from a previous child, or one borrowed from a friend and it does not have a bassinet attachment, it is not approved for newborn use. If the seating area does not fully recline, it will not be usable until your child can sit up unassisted. Even if the stroller does fully recline, you will still have to physically move your baby to transfer them from the stroller to the car seat and back again each time you travel.

When you have a travel system for your baby, it can be used from newborn age up. You will not have to disturb your child every time you need to move them to the stroller.

When Should You Get a Travel System for Your Baby?

You are going to need the travel system as soon as you deliver your child. Putting this item on your baby registry early will help you to receive the one you need when this time comes. Researching the models available to learn which will work best for your needs is important and should be done early for the correct information to be placed on the registry in time for your baby’s arrival.

Will a Travel System be Safe for Your Newborn?

Travel systems are safe for newborn babies with a few tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of those tips is if your baby falls asleep while in their car seat, you should move them to their bassinet or crib when arriving home. If you are stopping somewhere else for a while, find another safe place for your child to continue their sleep outside of the car seat.

Many parents feel they should not disturb their sleeping child’s rest and will want the child to finish a nap if they’ve fallen asleep during a drive. If you are one of those parents, there are some safety tips to follow to reduce the risk of harming your child:

  • Do not allow your child to overheat by removing hats or blankets
  • Ensure the car is well ventilated
  • Keep the straps snug
  • Place the car seat where you can directly supervise your child

Choosing the Right Travel System for Your Baby

When deciding which travel system to place on your baby registry, you will want to consider how you will use each piece as a unit and separately. The stroller will be used longer, so begin by choosing one according to weight and size, the type of terrain you will use it in, and its ease of use. A car seat should be chosen by how it will fit your vehicle, the harness adjustments, washability, and side-impact protection.

Which Baby Registry is the Best to Use

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