Stay Organized While Creating Your Registry

Stay Organized While Creating Your Registry

When you’ve set a date for your big day it’s time to start thinking about what you want as gifts for your wedding. Creating a registry can be one of the more enjoyable tasks in planning, but it can become overwhelming as well. You want to choose gifts you need and at the same time choose ones you know your guests can afford.

Creating your wedding registry doesn’t have to be stressful if you stay organized. These are some tips on how you can organize your wedding registry and put the enjoyment back into creating one.

1. Take Stock of What You Have

The items you put on your wedding registry should be things you and your partner-to-be will need. To know what you need, you have to know what you have already. Spend some time going through your home and decide which items you have, items you want, and items you should replace.

2. Organize Your Wedding Registry on One Site

Creating a registry for your wedding is most likely going to include a variety of different items. This variety might mean you feel like registering with different retailers. Managing multiple registries can quickly become a headache and make it difficult to remain organized. It will be harder to track which gifts have been purchased or where they’ve been sent.

It will much easier to create an organized registry for your wedding if you keep it in one place. EasyRegistry is an online gift registry site for you to use to create this perfect list. You can customize your list and add any item from any retailer all in one place.

3. Coordinate Deliveries

Some guests will not be able to attend your special day, but still want to send a gift. Sometimes when a guest has to travel they will opt for the delivery of gifts so they don’t have to worry about transporting them. There are multiple reasons a guest may choose to have something from your registry delivered directly to your address rather than bringing it to the celebration. When these deliveries begin arriving, it will be important to keep them organized.

Coordinating your gifts might have to include how they will be shipped to you. Check with EasyRegistry to learn if you can schedule shipping dates and times, otherwise, you might want to make arrangements with a neighbor to accept packages when you are at work or not home.

When deliveries come in, make sure you keep them organized so you know which gift came from which guest so you can send the proper ‘thank you.’

4. Managing Thank You Notes

Your guests have spent the money, taken the time, and made the effort to get a gift off your wedding registry so they can give you a perfect gift. Sending them a thank you note is an absolute must for all they’ve done for you and your partner. If you don’t stay organized through the wedding planning process, it can be easy for the thank you to fall by the wayside.

Using an online registry site such as EasyRegistry will keep the gift information for you. When the big day is over, and you’ve taken care of returning all rentals such as the tux, extra chairs, or whatever items you rented for the celebration, the information on received gifts will be readily available. This information will ensure every person who sent you a gift receives a thank you.

Where to Sign Up for a Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry allows you to add anything on your and your partner’s wish list to your registry. Whether you want guests to help pay for your honeymoon or other travels or want a unique item from a retailer, EasyRegistry allows you to add it to the registry. Contact us today and learn how making your registry with EasyRegistry is not only convenient for you, but also your guests.

Wishing Well VS Online Registry

Wishing Well VS Online Registry

In today’s world, most couples live together before they get married. Living together means they have most likely established a household by the time the big day arrives. For this reason, a lot of couples are going with an ‘online wishing well’ registry rather than asking for traditional wedding gifts.

What is an Online Wishing Well?

The wishing well can either be an online site, or it can be a decorated box placed at the reception. The box is where guests will drop an envelope with cash inside, a small gift, or a gift voucher. An online wishing well, or cash fund, is the same concept as the physical wishing well, except money is placed into it online.

The online option of a wishing well is attractive to couples who believe they will have large sums of money placed into it. Since the wishing wells sit out in the open during the reception, the online option is safer, and also more convenient as you don’t have to run the money to the bank after the wedding.

Some couples choose to have both an online wishing well, and an online wedding registry for gifts they may not have boughten themselves yet. Either choice may have you feeling awkward about asking your guests for either money or gifts, but they will appreciate your guidance when they know they are giving you something you not only need but want as well.

Should you have a wishing well or online registry for your wedding? This is some information about both to help you choose.

Wishing Well

The wishing well idea for your wedding gifts will provide you with a small nest egg to begin your life together with your spouse. You can use the money for a fantastic honeymoon, pool it together and buy a high-ticket item you could not put on a registry list, save it for something special, use it to pay some of the expenses for your wedding day, or however you and your spouse feel it would be best spent.

Online Registry

With an online registry, such as one with EasyRegistry,  you get to build a flexible, all-inclusive registry to cover all the needs and wants you and your future spouse could imagine. You can choose any item from any store where you have seen something you absolutely love and want, or from the home department of a store where you see new and exciting items you want in your kitchen.

EasyRegistry even lets you put items on your registry like a honeymoon experience, or you can even put your wishing well on along with other wedding gifts to combine the two ideas.

How to Make the Right Choice

How you choose between a wishing well or online registry or both will all depend on your needs. The option of using both ideas will work great for those guests who find it uncomfortable or distasteful to give gifts of money. Whichever option you choose, know that you are simply providing your guests with options, and after the big day you won’t end up with a pile of gifts that you cannot use.

How to Inform Your Guests

Etiquette for informing guests of how you would like to receive gifts should always be on a card inserted with your invitation. The gift request should never be placed directly on the invitation card.

If you make your gift request respectfully, you will not offend your guests, and most people will be grateful you’ve let them have choices on what to present you with on your special day. You know your guests the best, so go with your instincts on how best to make your choice and enjoy the process, and your big day.

Where to Create Online Wishing Well and Online Registry for Your Wedding

EasyRegistry is a leading online wishing well and gift registry site. You are given complete control over how your registry will look and what you place as gift wishes on your registry. Traditional registries restrict a person’s choices as they must choose items specific stores sell. EasyRegistry allows you to place an item on your registry from any store, no matter where it is.  

Our site is completely user-friendly. Check us out today and start creating a registry that includes everything you could possibly ask for.

What is Too Expensive for a Registry

What is Too Expensive for a Registry

One of the best activities for planning your big day is creating your wedding registry. A registry is all your ultimate wishes of things you want and need as you begin your new life together. The wedding registry can also confuse many couples as they head out to create one, such as how many items to list, or what is too expensive for a registry.

The question of how many items are acceptable on a registry depends on the number of guests you’ve invited to your celebration. One suggestion is to multiply the number of guests invited by two and then add a few more. Having this number on your registry ensures everyone will have choices as to what to buy for you.

When it comes to how expensive the items on your registry should be, you can use the rule of thumb and range them from $25 to $200. You will want gifts that last, so you will ultimately want a few higher-quality items to make the list. The most important consideration is the people on your guest list and what their personal budgets may be.

When Making Your Wedding Registry- Think About Who You’ve Invited

A typical wedding will see guests spending from $50 to $150, depending on how close the relationship is between you and them. Acquaintances and co-workers will often spend less and your family members will generally be more generous. Because of the mix of people you will have invited, you will want a mix of choices on your registry so everyone can make the right choice for them and you.

Your registry for your wedding should have both affordable items and bigger-ticket items so everyone feels as though they have supported your wishes on your new adventure. It is a good idea to divide your registry into price categories. Having at least three, such as a $25, items under $100, and wishes that will cost more than $100. The key is not to let the high-ticket items dominate your list.

Create a Realistic Wedding Registry

There is no hard rule as to what is too expensive or what is too many when it comes to creating your registry, but you have to be realistic. Think about the guests you have coming to celebrate with you, and if what you are putting on the registry will actually be used or needed. Often guests will go together to purchase more expensive items you’ve listed, but make sure you want the item and are not just caught up in the excitement of creating the list.

Consider Your Future When Creating a Wedding Registry

The registry for your wedding is not just about filling your kitchen with appliances or redecorating your den and living room. The registry can also be about what you will need in the future. Many couples getting married today think about receiving collectible items for their wedding. Items that can be passed down to future generations and have longevity. China sets and silverware are some of those items considered that will increase in value, as well as be useful for special celebrations you’ll be planning.

Where to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry makes it easy to create a flexible all-inclusive wedding registry. We allow you to create a registry that includes items from any store. We also have those unique gifts to ask for such as a honeymoon experience or a place to help you build a wishing well where guests can contribute funds for future needs and uses.

The process is simple for your guests and a fun, unique experience for you and your future spouse. You choose the items or experiences you want to be listed on your registry and provide a link on your wedding invitations for your guests to follow. We keep track of items chosen so you do not receive duplicates, and on your special day, you and your spouse will receive the gifts you’ve been dreaming of.

Do You Need A Registry For Your Second Baby?

Do You Need A Registry For Your Second Baby?

When you are having your first baby, it is pretty common practice to create a baby registry. Having your first baby means you need a lot of things as you’ve never had a little one living in your home before. When a person has a second baby, many of the items received after the first can be used for the second child, so not everyone creates a baby registry the second time around. 

Just because not everyone does a second registry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Some mothers will tell you they highly recommend you do. While you won’t have as many people buying gifts for your second child, some will want to. It is a lot easier to direct family and friends to a link full of your needs and wants at different price ranges as opposed to answering the same questions numerous times.

Another significant reason to create a registry for your second baby is to use it as your ‘to-buy’ list. There are a lot of things needed when you are preparing for the birth of a child, no matter what number baby it is, and the list will make preparations much easier. These are other reasons you may want to create this registry.

1. Children Are Far Apart in Age

A baby registry for your second child works great if your children are far apart in age. While you may be able to reuse your first child’s items, what happens is many of these items get passed along or purged after a few years. If there is a significant age difference between your children, you may no longer have everything you received or purchased for your first baby. A second registry will help you replenish the items needed to help care for your second child.

2. Children Are Close in Age

While it might sound counterintuitive to want some of the same items for your second baby as you did for your first when they are so close in age, the fact is, you probably will. Having children close in age, especially if they are within one or two years, your first baby is most likely not ready to part with some of their things.

Items such as crib mattresses, cribs, strollers, high chairs, or monitors are probably being used by your first child, and now a second child is going to need them as well. A second baby registry will help your family and friends know what to buy for you and your baby and get you items you will need and use.

3. Some Baby Gear Should Not be Re-Used

One example of a baby item that should not be re-used is a car seat. Car seats expire after a certain amount of time, typically six to eight years from when they were manufactured. Another example is a crib mattress. While these mattresses don’t have an expiration date, they will begin to show wear and sag after about five years. Other items not to reuse are anything your first child has put into their mouth. Pacifiers and bottle nipples should always be in new condition for a new baby.

4. Baby Registry Will Keep You Organized

Even if you don’t plan on sharing your baby registry, they are still a great thing to create to keep yourself organized. A registry for your second child will keep track of things you know you’ll need, and keep track of things you’ve already purchased. If you receive gifts from family or friends and you had them on the list, it’s a great way to make a note that you no longer need to purchase them.

Learn More About Creating An Online Baby Registry for Your Second Child

EasyRegistry makes it easy to create a registry for your second child, first child, travel, birthday, wedding, or any other event someone will want to gift you items. These registries are also great for keeping yourself organized and ensuring all your wants and needs are taken care of.

EasyRegistry allows you to create your list from items in any store. You can add an experience you’d like to have, or even if you need money over material gifts. The possibilities are endless as the registry becomes your wish list. By providing your family and friends with a link to your registry, you help them give you a gift they know you want and will appreciate.

What Should You Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together?

What Should You Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Live Together?

The gifts listed on a registry for couples who are cohabitating before the ‘big’ day, typically include items that will make their home more fulfilling and exciting. Some items often listed by these couples include gifts that will make their surroundings more meaningful and cozy.

If you and your partner have been living together, and are now planning a wedding, a wedding registry will help your family and friends choose the right gifts for you. Since you’ve been together, it is more than likely you have enough dishes, bedding, and kitchen appliances, so you don’t want to end up with more. For this reason, creating a registry will help not only you and your partner but your guests as well.

These are other reasons for you to create a registry if you’ve been living with your future spouse before the wedding:

1. Your Future

A registry can be something more than just a request for standard gifts. If you and your future spouse have all the necessities you think you’ll need, check out Easy Registry where you can add gifts from any store, whether online or not. Why not try asking for something like an exciting experience. You could add gift cards for airlines, hotels, or other travels you and your future spouse would like to check out once life has settled down again.

2. Build a ‘Together’ Home

Your registry can be used to create a ‘together’ home to fulfill both of your dreams. List items that will bring both of you joy, not just a bunch of random items. Maybe your cookware set is just a bunch of hand-me-downs, and now you’d like a set that matches. Perhaps the couch you’ve been using is a relic and you’ve got your eye on a more comfortable, eye-appealing style. The wedding registry is the perfect place to get started on a better-looking place to live.

3. Help Guests Buy Practical Gifts

Your guests are going to want to buy you something. Gift-giving is a tradition and expectation with almost every wedding celebration. Your registry provides your guests with the help they need to buy you something they know you’ll want and appreciate. The registry also ensures you’ll be opening gifts that are wanted and you’ll keep. When you use these gifts, you’ll remember your special day and the special person who gave them to you.

Types of Gifts to Put on a Registry If You and Your Spouse Already Live Together

When you set out to create a wedding registry as a couple who has lived together for a time before the ‘big’ celebration, these are some of the common choices others have added:

  • Donations to special charities
  • Upgrades to everyday items
  • Collectible pieces
  • Unique gift cards and experiences
  • Cash for future expenses

Learn More About What to Put on Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry makes it easy to put any item you and your future spouse desire on your special day’s registry. We make it simple to add any item from any store, an experience you’ve always wanted to enjoy, or a contribution to your favorite charity.

Create the registry of your wishes and share with a link to your guests. Place the link on your wedding website, stamped on your invitations, or share it on social media. It has never been easier to make a list of wishes. Visit EasyRegistry and start your registry today.

How To Create A Memory Wall Of Your Event

How To Create A Memory Wall Of Your Event

Guest post by Lucy from

‘Enjoy every minute’ they said. Boy were they right! After so many months of planning my wedding, I remember feeling like the big day went by so fast. It was loved-up, happy blur of getting ready, riding to the venue, the walk, the vows, champagne, family, friends, more champagne and of course, dancing. Whilst my big day is over now, the memories are alive and kicking because I created a beautiful memory wall to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Photos are memories frozen in time, so it is sacrilege to keep your stunning wedding photographs buried on a USB stick or stored in digital dropbox folder somewhere. With very little effort, you can create a memory wall to bring back all the emotions of your wedding day – the quiet moments getting ready, the tears of joy as you walk down the aisle, the smiles after you exchange vows, and the dancefloor fun later in the evening.

Just like everyone’s wedding is different, your memory wall is a completely personal creation. So, the photos you choose to include should be the ones that make your own heart flutter. Don’t be afraid to extend your memory wall beyond your wedding day to include all the good times you’ve had together. Including photos of holidays, the engagement, your friends and families, your honeymoon and children tells a more complete story of your family. All beautifully printed, framed and hung together in striking wall arrangement.

Right now, you are planning your wedding – congratulations! You have probably already booked, or in the process of booking, a photographer to take photos of the big day. So why not get one step ahead and include a custom framing package to your gift registry too, which will allow you to have your magnificent photos printed, framed and delivered to your door right after your wedding. Not only is this a thoughtful gift your guests will love contributing to, it will help keep you on cloud nine a little longer once the big day has passed.

Once you have your photos printed and framed, you then need to choose a space for your memory wall. If you have a long hallway one idea is to create a uniform line of framed photos, with each frame marking a point in time from your engagement through to your honeymoon. Alternatively, a rectangular space above a couch or desk looks great with a neat grid of same-sized frames – we love grid with either four (2×2) or nine frames (3×3).

Next you need to select your photo frames. If you want a more cohesive look, it’s best to use the same size and colour for each frame in your memory wall. For wedding photos we recommend a clean white gallery frame and keeping them all the same size. If you want a more elegant look you can choose to print them in black and white. When using our online framing service, you can preview your wedding photos in a range of filters and frames and choose the style that looks best.

If you want to achieve a more eclectic look, be bold and mix different frame sizes or colours in your memory wall. When doing this, try and include 1-2 larger photos to anchor the layout, then offset them with a variety of smaller frames. Careful not to go too crazy – if you have different sized frames choosing a neutral pallet for your frames is best so you don’t distract the eye away from the photos. These organic layouts work really well going up and down a stairwell.

The great thing about memory walls is that they can grow with your family. So, while it might start off as a collection of wedding photos, over time you can add to it and include photos from your honeymoon and maybe in the future, some children! Just make sure you keep making the amazing memories and have adequate wall space to hang new frames as you get them.

Once you have your wedding photos printed and framed, it’s hang time! At this point, it pays to spend a few minutes planning out your layout. We recommend tracing your frames onto newspaper, then cutting them out and taping them to the wall. This will give you a really accurate indication of how your wall will look once hung.

Next, mark in pencil the points on the wall for where your nails should go (if you used the paper method above, you can nail right through the paper) and hang your photos. When using a professional framing service, like your frames will come ready to hang with all the hanging hardware you need.

So there you have it, with just a tiny bit of planning and plenty of help from an easy online framing service like Framer, you can create a beautiful memory wall for your wedding photos. Celebrating your best memories with family and friends, all whilst making a beautiful interior design statement.

Framer is the easy place to print and frame your photos online. Upload your digital photos and Framer will print, frame and deliver your photos ready to hang. Available now to add to your EasyRegistry!

6 Amazing Yet Affordable Honeymoon Destinations For Australian Couples

6 Amazing Yet Affordable Honeymoon Destinations For Australian Couples

Still trying to find a budget-friendly destination for your honeymoon getaway? Stop now and get straight to our list of affordable honeymoon destinations for wedding couples in Australia. We did the research for you and found some exotic love sanctuaries in Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The destinations mentioned below are affordable in terms of accommodation, food, things to do, and entertainment.

1. Gold Coast, Australia

Popular for its beaches, surfing, and romantic qualities, the Gold Coast is an affordable honeymoon destination for couples in Australia. The area has plenty of romantic features to keep you and your better half hooked. Spice up your honeymoon by taking a whale-watching excursion, engage in some adventure in the Tamborine Rainforest or spend some romantic and peaceful moments with the love of your life on an isolated island.

Recommended Accommodation in Gold Coast
Novotel Surfers Paradise Hotel
Hilton Surfers Paradise
Rhapsody Resort

Recommended Wedding Planners in Gold Coast
Circle of Love Weddings
Impact Style & Design

2. Hamilton Island, Australia

If you have a love for pristine white beaches with coral and marine life, Hamilton Island is a suitable honeymoon destination for you. Foods, hotels, and entertainment on this island are affordable. The distinguishing features include grand aquatic life, lovely coral reefs, and seawater showcasing the purest facade of emerald. Don’t forget to visit Catseye Beach and cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. Affordable activities to do on the island include trekking, whale-watching, surfing, and kayaking.

Recommended Accommodation in Hamilton Island
Reef View Hotel
Whitsunday Apartments

Recommended Wedding Planner in Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island Weddings

3. Tasmania, Australia

Famous for its fine foods and wines, Tasmania is an affordable yet unique honeymoon destination for wedding couples in Australia. This place offers picturesque views of lush green landscapes and rocky mountains. The affordable experiences you can enjoy here include a candle light dinner at Boat Harbour and hiking through the beautiful forest tracks. Be sure to visit Wineglass Bay, Marrawah and Cradle Mountain.

Recommended Accommodation in Tasmania
Somerset on the Pier Hobart
Lenna of Hobart
Fountainside Hotel

Recommended Wedding Planners in Tasmania
T & M Wedding and Events

4. Phuket, Thailand

If you are looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon experience on a palm fringed and crystal clear beach, look no further than Phuket in Thailand. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country, offering an unmatched romantic retreat for newly wed couples. You can find accommodation, food, and activities of different price ranges here, including many budget-friendly options. A couple’s spa & massage or a day trip to Phang Nga Bay are some popular honeymoon activities.

Recommended Accommodation in Phuket
Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach
JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa
Amari Phuket

Recommended Wedding Planners in Phuket
Unique Phuket Wedding Planners
Luxury Events Phuket

5. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a group of 130 secluded islands in Thailand. This place features amazing panoramas, coral ridges, and untouched seashores. Despite being popular and drawing a large number of tourists each day, Krabi remains and affordable honeymoon destination. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise views and enhance your experience by unwinding on the sun kissed beaches, having a candlelight dinner with your better half, and exploring the islands.

Recommended Accommodation in Krabi
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi
Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Recommended Wedding Planners in Krabi
Vee Organizer
Thailand Weddings

6. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is popular among newlyweds as a budget-friendly honeymoon destination. This island features natural beauty and a unique charisma. Activities like swimming in the blue waters, exploring the marine life, visiting the coral reefs and the Komodo National Park, and seeing the wildlife here will boost your honeymoon experience. The best time to visit this place is from March to June.

Recommended Accommodation in Komodo Island
Komodo Resort
The Jayakarta Suites Komodo-Flores
Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa

7. (BONUS) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations couples can go to without worrying about breaking the bank.  This island paradise is renowned for its beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes of hills and mountains, and elaborate arrays of rice terraces.  Newlyweds are surely going to have a memorable time together here.  Couples can soak under the sun in their magnificent beaches, visit temples rich in history, or go on a day trip to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali.

Recommended Accommodation in Bali
The Villas at Ayana Resort Bali
The Legian Bali
Viceroy Bali

Recommended Wedding Planners in Bali
The Seven Agency
Tirtha Bridal
Bali VIP Wedding

A little helping hand with EasyRegistry

Now when it comes to helping hands towards your honeymoon costs, you can get family and friends to support you via EasyRegistry. It takes a couple of minutes to get started and be on your way to creating a wedding travel registry tailored to you.