In a recent survey that was done in Australia, it was determined that the average cost of a wedding would run between $36,000 and $65,000!! (Source: Bride To Be Magazine.) I felt a little overwhelmed and stressed about the expenses involved but fortunately, I came across 6 amazing tips that helped us save BIG TIME!


1) Limit your guest list

Keeping your guest list as short as possible can help you cut down reception costs drastically. Most caterers and banquet halls charge per-person. The difference between 200 and 150 guests can make a difference on your budget.


2) Cut down cuisine costs

About 39% of your wedding budget would go to your catering. Research your options! You’ll need to consider a buffet rather than a sit-down meal; or host a brunch instead rather than a multicourse meal. Another option for holding down costs while not sacrificing good cookery is “drop-off catering”. Catering companies deliver ready-made food and set it up for you. If you are brave enough, cater for the reception yourself with the help of some friends and family.


3) Don’t buy an expensive wedding dress

You don’t need to shop at a conventional bridal salon. You can buy a dress at a store or from a sales outlet in the special occasions ready-to-wear space. Additional cost-conscious choices include:
• Shopping for a vintage or once-worn dress.
• Renting a dress
• Visiting an online auction to search for your dress.
• Re-designing your mother’s wedding dress.


4) Break down your wedding budget

Breaking down your wedding budget into percentages makes it easier to know exactly how much you spend. This process also helps in identifying which services need more attention. EasyRegistry allows you to share your personalised registry link with your guests that will help you to recover after the big day.


5) Avoid getting married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Saturday might sound like an awesome idea because most people are not working and have time to attend the wedding. However, in terms of cutting costs for the wedding venue it is a bad idea. Most caterers and banquet hall owners tend to increase booking fees due to a high level of bookings from different couples getting married.You don’t have to drown in debts after your beautiful wedding.


6) Register for a gift registry account on EasyRegistry

Gift registries allow you create personalised wish lists so that your family and friends can help you at your wedding and beyond. While there are plenty of these to choose from, EasyRegistry is set up for couples in Australia that want a personal experience from a local company.

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