Weddings involve a lot of decisions from who to invite all the way down to how your table coverings will look. Every decision is important and plays a role in how the big day will play out in your dreams and memories. One very significant decision to make in all this planning is how to choose the best honeymoon destination.

The first factor to consider when you choose the best honeymoon destination is your budget. Honeymoons should always factor in unexpected costs and opting for all-inclusive resorts can help your money go further. All-inclusive resorts will give you peace of mind and not have you worrying about the bill your whole trip as you will have paid in advance when booking.

While all-inclusive resorts are a great option, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best honeymoon destination and other wonderful choices.

Timing and Duration Factor into Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination

While keeping an eye on your budget, you will also have to factor in timing and duration into choosing the best honeymoon destination. Think about whether you and your new partner will want to have a mini-moon or an epic one lasting over a couple of weeks. Knowing how long you can spend on your honeymoon will also help you narrow down which locations you can choose.

Timing will also involve which season you’ll be traveling and what type of weather to expect. These factors will determine what clothes you’ll need down to which type of activities you can hope to partake in. Experts do advise newlyweds to avoid national holidays, months known for unreliable weather, and all other major events that could impact the enjoyment of your honeymoon.

Should You Choose the Best Honeymoon Destination Somewhere Familiar?

Many travel experts and wedding advisors tell newlyweds to step outside their comfort zone and explore new destinations on their honeymoon. Most people have a favorite place they like to visit, but starting a new life together can include sharing new experiences and building new memories. It will make your memories much more lasting if the two of you discover and explore a new destination together. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination

Choosing the best honeymoon destination should reflect your style as a couple. Choose a destination that sets the tone for the kind of pair you are and what you hope to be as a newly married couple. Begin by:

  • Creating a Bucket List
    • You and your partner should define what each other considers to be a perfect honeymoon. Each of you creates a bucket list including places you’ve been and places you’ve dreamed of going. Compare the two lists and learn which destination can meet both of your hopes. 
  • Consider Multi-Destination Honeymoon
    • Honeymoons can be perfected by choosing a multi-destination one. Combine an adventure followed by some downtime in a relaxing setting. Chile and Argentina provide extraordinary combinations of adventures in the great outdoors along with some serious pampering in luxurious accommodations.
  • Do Not Over Plan
    • Planning and carrying out a wedding is exhausting and time-consuming. You and your partner have probably spent little time together lately, and if you did it was most likely filled with stressful planning conversations. Your honeymoon should allow you both ample time to enjoy each other. Don’t plan a honeymoon that includes doing something every day. Your honeymoon should be about celebrating your love and allowing you both to unwind after months of stressful planning. 

How to Add a Honeymoon Destination to Your Wedding Registry

EasyRegistry is a leading online gift registry and wishing well. Traditional registries that create a wish list of products found at local retailers limit you and your partner-to-be in what you can ask for. EasyRegistry allows you to place any item from anywhere on your wedding registry. This online registry system allows you to include travel and honeymoon destinations. Guests can choose to contribute to your hotel or travel costs as their gift. Check out the many benefits and features this online registry can create for you to help make your wedding the best it can be.