Wedding gifts are an important gesture of your love for the people in your life. However, there might come a time when you are not able to afford expensive wedding gifts. But the lack of money shouldn’t keep you from showing your love and care for the brides and grooms in your life.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the couple is more interested in you showing up to their big day than receiving an expensive gift from you. Recognizing and cheering for a new union is important, and there are ways to do that. If you are short of money, try buying wedding gifts that are affordable as well as thoughtful.

If you are the one who is getting married, I would suggest you create a wedding registry on EasyRegistry and be sure to put affordable items on the list, in addition to expensive ones. Your wedding gifts should be affordable to everyone. Remember, sometimes even the smallest and cheapest items can make life a little easier.

And if you are someone who is looking to buy gifts for the couple, don’t forget to take a look at the inexpensive items on the wedding registry. Here are some affordable wedding gift ideas for the couples getting married and guests.

Embroidered linens

Embroidered linens are not only less expensive but also aesthetically beautiful and artistic in appearance. Think particularly about machine embroidered pillowcases and sheets. Handmade linens can be relatively expensive. You can even custom tailor the linens for the couple by placing their names, nicknames, or a monogram on the gift. That would add about 3-5 dollars to your bill.

Future wine

This is one of the memorable gifts you can give to a couple. It is not only cheap but also impressive. The wine expert at your local wine shop will be on your side to select a less expensive bottle of wine for the bride and groom. Ideally, the wine should have the potential to achieve amazing taste about 8-10 years from now. Don’t forget to stick a note with the bottle that instructs the couple to use the wine to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Honeymoon gifts

Not all honeymoon items need to cost you an arm and a leg. Just ask the couple where they are going for their honeymoon and gift them some practical and relevant honeymoon gifts. For example, if they are headed to a beach vacation, you may gift them beach towels. And if they are going to the mountains, gift them a skiing gear or sunglasses. Other ideas include maps, prepaid gas card, and passport holders.


While antiques can be expensive, you can still find some unique and inexpensive ones at the farmers’ market, garage sales, and estate sales. For example, you can gift the couple an old picture frame or a decoration piece. You can easily find some good-looking woodcrafts and natural, rustic décor in the market. The couple will treasure a judiciously selected antique forever.

Plants and trees

Gifting the newlywed something embodying life can be sweet and refreshing. Plants and trees are symbols of prosperity, life, and good health. A plant will acknowledge the union of the bride and groom. Gifting a plant to a couple holds a significant and deep meaning.

As the union of the couple grows, the plant will grow along. It exemplifies a long lasting love that only grows with time. A functional plant or tree is the best thing you can gift the newlyweds. If that is not possible for you, potted herbs can serve the purpose.