The honeymoon is your first romantic escape with your better half after your wedding. Like all other couples, you too may want to make it a special and unforgettable moment. However, it takes a ton of money to make your honeymoon dreams come true. Fortunately, there’re ways to fund your honeymoon and avail a fine, luxurious treatment at reasonable prices. These tips will help you make the most out of your travel registry and honeymoon gifts.

  1. Use Easyregistry to fund your honeymoon

If you don’t have enough money to fund your honeymoon, let Easyregistry do the trick for you. The wedding registry lets you create your honeymoon gifts/travel registry and share a personalized link with your friends and family. The people you share the link with will fund your honeymoon. You will then get a lump sum payment in your bank account. You can freely shop around with the money to get the best deal on your honeymoon/travel arrangements.

  1. Get cash back on your bookings

Ever thought about getting cash back on your travel and hotel bookings? Well, that’s possible when you make your bookings on CashRewards. Make your account at Cashrewards, process your travel and hotel bookings, and get cash back in your bank account. You can save hundreds of dollars with this trick.

  1. Do hotel price matching and get bonus nights

Don’t forget to do hotel price matching before booking a hotel room for your honeymoon. The smart couples also look for bonus nights when searching for hotel deals. If you want to look for bonus nights, want to find attractive honeymoon deals, or do price matching, is your first place to go to.

  1. Find attractive deals and coupons

Remember, many hotels offer special honeymoon packages, with tons of discounts and complimentary services. The same holds true for your honeymoon travel. When you have the opportunity, why not treat your better half and yourself by traveling in an ultimate luxury and spending your honeymoon in a 5-star hotel? You can get a lot of hotel and travel deals and coupons on Ozbargain for your honeymoon gifts and travel registry.

  1. Find travel deals and tricks

If you are looking for more attractive travel deals to make your honeymoon even more comfy and memorable, use Skyscanner or Flightfox to find attractive and affordable travel deals and tricks. You can save hundreds of dollars on your honeymoon travel with the deals and tricks available on these sites.

  1. Don’t forget your outdoor gear

Your honeymoon should not just be about traveling and staying in a hotel. You should spice up your experience by engaging in activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and doing a lot of outdoor stuff. The best way to fund your outdoor gear and tools like a tent, fishing rods, and trekking gear is by requesting them on your honeymoon registry. Always be open to the fact that your tastes or needs may change during the honeymoon. And when it comes to buying your outdoor stuff, don’t forget to look for amazing deals and discounts.