With so many options available, it is normal for couples to feel overwhelmed when it comes to the items that should make it to their wedding registry. Whether you are the bride or groom or a guest, chances are you already feel like the entire wedding gift process should be useful and rewarding.

To make the most out of your wedding, be sure to create a wedding registry on EasyRegistry and add some unique wedding gift items to the list. Don’t forget to cover both the high-end and basic items, including the unique ideas discussed below.

Wine glasses

You and your better half may need some classy wine glasses to treat yourself to some wine every now and then after the wedding. And they can be a great drink vessel for any event. Be sure to add to your registry wine glasses that have a stylish look, with slender stems and aesthetically appealing silhouette.

Birdhouse bookshelf

A birdhouse bookshelf is yet another unique and practical item you should have on your registry. You can hang the wall-mounting perch next to your bed, so you can easily store your nightstand items in it. Don’t forget to pick a color that matches colors of other items in your room.

French press

If you are an avid coffee drinker, the French press can be your valuable asset.  The beautifully shaped ceramic press brews coffee that would make your mornings extra energetic. On top of that, it would boost the look of your kitchen, making it appear classier.

Saltshaker & pepper mill

Want to uplift your standard of flavoring after your wedding? Sometimes, the smallest things can make life much easier. A stylish salt shaker and pepper mill exhibiting a creative design will not only superbly grind your salt and peppers for you but also function as a style element in your home.

Picnic backpack

If you have planned an outside adventure for your honeymoon, the picnic backpack will go a long way toward making your escapade a memorable experience. Always go for a backpack that is not only practical but also classy. Be sure to put on your registry a picnic backpack that has stainless steel cutlery, melamine plates, and side compartments to store your picnic essentials.

Laundry basket

If you have reliable tools, running your household errands like laundry can be a pleasing experience. Your wedding is the opportunity to get some practical tools for your home. Never forget that you are going to feel the need for a bigger laundry basket after your wedding. Be sure to put a laundry basket on your registry. Ideally, the basket should be big enough to hold a week’s worth of clothes.


If you have planned an adventurous honeymoon, chances are you would need a tent to spice up your experience. To make it possible, list a two-person tent on your wedding registry. The tent should normally have a weight below 2 kilograms so that you can carry it easily. Also, it should have enough space to hold your essential stuff and let you sleep comfortably. Always go for a tent that has separate interior storage compartments or pockets.